The secret to a great relationship is knowing how to get back on track!


When we let go of the old wounds, our fears are no longer triggered as easily. When we let go of the anger, resentment and pain, we can find forgiveness. Sometimes we need help to do this. 

The 3-Step Joymind method uses Clinical Hypnotherapy as a core healing process! It is a Golden Repair of the Soul” identical to a Kintsugi master working on repairing a broken bowl. It can  rejuvenate and heal a broken heart and here’s why.

Hypnotherapy or hypnosis – is the process of guided relaxation and focused attention, which can be used to evoke responses from your unconscious mind.

A Kintsugi master acts a lot like clinical hypnotherapy because they repair broken parts and pieces by mending them together with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. In essence, the Joymind 3-step method does the same thing—it makes things whole again and functional so that they are at their best just like Kintsugi does.

We are born with a need to be loved, accepted and nurtured by others.

But often we are rejected, abandoned or even abused. These experiences leave us with deep emotional wounds. We don’t feel whole.

We feel like we aren’t good enough, are unlovable and aren’t worthy and we know deep down that our needs will never be met. We don’t feel connected. We fear strong emotions, even feel numb and anxious.

Our relationships are often painful and we feel hopeless. We feel our future is limited.

You can overcome this!

Joymind can help. You can experience the freedom of realizing that you are worthy, loved, a priority to yourself and others. So what if others have hurt you! Tell a Joymind Hypnotherapist your story. Begin your journey towards a brighter future.


Kintsugi — it’s a process where broken potttery is repaired with lacquer, that can be dyed powdered gold or silver. Our practice at Joymind is the same. (Because all the evidence of the break is left visible, yet healed it makes you more beautiful and resilient than when you were undamaged.)

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