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People have always relied on other people for encouragement and insight especially during critical life transitions. Nowadays many of us are managing anxiety, fears, and relationship issues with Hypnotherapy and Coaching. It’s an honor to share such amazing stories.

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I booked a package of six 80 minute sessions with Iris Sutelo. Iris is amazing! So fun and easy to talk to. I was so nervous and she put me at ease instantly. I wanted to focus on weight loss and my anxiety and I feel like having these sessions with Iris have really alleviated much of my anxiety and I’m making positive changes for my weight loss journey. Iris made me feel heard and validated and she listened and helped. I definitely recommend this. I’d been wanting to try hypnotherapy for the longest and am so happy I was able to do this. They accept health FSA accounts and I think this was a great option. Try it! You’ll love it!!!
Halina Rafacz Avatar
Halina Rafacz
I came across Joymind through a Black Friday sale but hesitated because I had never seen a therapist virtually. However, when I started to look around there was such a variety of therapists available that I decided to try it. I found the interface to be well-organized and the descriptions detailed and informative. Personally, I would strongly recommend Tamara Taggert. Not only did she lead me through hypnotherapy sessions that were relaxing and helpful in releasing tension and pain from my body, but each session she was able to quickly and intuitively identify unhelpful patterns and provide me with extra help above and beyond my official therapy session. Each session was emailed to me with reminders so I can continue to listen to them as needed. My experience with Joymind was a high-quality therapist at a good price, through an easy use to interface that also provided excellent customer service!
Cyndi Poylio Avatar
Cyndi Poylio
I was paired with counselor/hypnotherapist Iris; she was extremely knowledgeable, relatable, empathetic, and helpful with my areas of concern. Overall, my sessions were a great investment to achieve my desired mental state with the routine and strategies Iris incorporated into my everyday routine. Well worth the time, effort, and funds!
Kerrisha Francis Avatar
Kerrisha Francis
I have been working with Rochelle she has been great. She made me realize what the problem was and has helped me realize how to make me whole and Happy again. She is the Wonderful. Nancy M.
Nancy Brodie Avatar
Nancy Brodie
Iris was exceptionally skilled, helpful, caring, open-minded and very flexible in setting up a plan. Results were noted immediately and were highly effective.
Jonathan Manson Avatar
Jonathan Manson
My experience of working with Rochelle was lovely and impactful, to say the least. I reached out to her during a very challenging point in my life when I was vulnerable and in need of support and healing. She was understanding and empathetic right off the bat. She is very down-to-earth and easy to talk to, allowing our conversations to flow in such a way that we were always able to get to the root of what challenges I was facing at the time. Her love and passion for her work are evident and each hypnotherapy session was a healing and reparative experience. I always found that after each session, the issues we had discussed and uncovered seemed to subtly fade away and were no longer plaguing me to the same degree. It was a very interesting and pleasant revelation. She also sends the recording of each session so that they are available to go back to when and if needed. Overall a really wonderful experience.
Maayan Avital Avatar
Maayan Avital
I can't say enough wonderful things about Rochelle. From the first call she made me feel heard and appreciated. We didn't waste any time getting deep and right into it. Her calm and bubbly disposition is not to be taken lightly as she's incredibly insightful and very very gifted at hypnotherapy. The changes are very subtle and real. I was shut down around work and could barely say the word "work" and now I have little anxiety around work and want to really thrive in my work world. When the anxiety does pop it's ugly head, I'm able to look at calmly now. I tried a lot of therapy and this is what really seems to help, it goes deep! Worth every penny!!
John Wigmanich Avatar
John Wigmanich
Had one session so far and had a great experience, Mark is very knowledgeable and helpful. It's not the hypnosis you see in movies but more of a relaxing the conscious mind to the access the subconscious mind. Will be calling to set up my next appointment today.
Blanco Vans Avatar
Blanco Vans
Amazing experience! Highly recommend to anyone who needs clarity, focus, help with addiction or anxiety or depression. So unbelievably thorough and life changing!!
Megan Gutman Avatar
Megan Gutman
I had a session with Kristen and all i can say is she is amazing and so good proffesional patient and listen to everything i wanted to work on. My session was great and I can already see results . Highly reccomend !
Judith Wizen Avatar
Judith Wizen
They won't give me my money back and they won't give me the service because I'm mentally sick. I just want my money back. $536.00
susan cartere Avatar
susan cartere
I highly recommend choosing Joymind for your therapy. Amy Farrow is the first person I spoke with when I called. She was so easy to talk to and understanding and had so much knowledge that I thought and hoped she was one of the therapists. She wasn’t, but she hooked me up with another awesome lady, Lenora Curtis, who is a therapist. She chose her based on my issues I talked with her about. She couldn’t have done a better job. Lenora exceeds anything I expected and goes above and beyond. She is also very easy to talk to and has made me comfortable from the very beginning even with my anxieties and skepticism and that is huge! This is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I am so thankful for Joymind, Kim, and Lenora. I completely look forward to each session.
Julie Welch Avatar
Julie Welch
Rochelle was there for me when I really needed help. Her hypnosis work helped reprogram my brain, and her expertise in dream analysis were endlessly fascinating for me. I ended up developing new ways of thinking with her help in deciphering what my subconscious mind was trying to tell me. Nowadays I'm able to analyze my own dreams thanks to what I've learned from her. You can't go wrong choosing her.
Kenny Moreno Avatar
Kenny Moreno
Lenora a Joymind Clinical Hypnotherapist and the Concierge team are literally the best. They are very friendly and quick to respond to appointments and emails. I have gotten results from my therapy as soon as the first session and even more after the second. I'm on my third session so far and look forward to my continued path of self growth. This stuff works if you want to make positive changes in your life. I am truly grateful to have found them. Thank you 😊 so much for your dedicated service. Mireya B.
Mireya Bojorquez Avatar
Mireya Bojorquez
I had myself down to 10 cigarettes a day for 2 to 2.5 years and couldn't get rid of them. Tried everything. Was allergic to many of the quit smoking aids. Had one session with Denise on June 3rd 2022 and stopped. Still have not wanted one almost 4 months. I was a non believer. Not anymore. Thank you, Denise.
Margaret Zecchino Avatar
Margaret Zecchino
I had a good experience. My hypnotherapist Mark was great. I enjoyed my sessions and would do it again in the future! I highly recommend for anyone who is interested in hypnotherapy
Lauren Colletti Avatar
Lauren Colletti
Kristen is absolutely amazing, so kind and helpful!!!! She is such a blessing!
Leslie Licavoli Avatar
Leslie Licavoli
It's been an amazing experience working with, Rochelle. I've tried years of traditional therapy and this is the first time I've felt concrete change in the moment. After each hypnosis session, I feel lighter and a shift. And if you stick to your tailored plan and exercises, you'll also see a change. Rochelle is genuine, caring, and easy to talk to. And more so, just tells it like it is.
Sam Silberberg Avatar
Sam Silberberg
Rochelle is something else. What an amazing woman and therapist. I went into this adventure with complete unknowing of what the outcome or process would look like, but jumped in blindfolded. The truest words she told me prior to starting was that one session with her is about a dozen with other types of therapies. Those words never rang truer. I advanced leaps and bounds in such a miraculously quick time. I had a my session once a week at the same time and my body actually grew acclimated to prepare for the anticipation of the journey I would take with Rochelle during our time together. We only met over the phone - which raised skepticism - be she assured me it was potent and effective. Again, she was correct. I cannot recommend her enough, my parents are away on family matters, and when they return I would love for them to participate with Rochelle. They would heal tremendously and I cannot wait to incorporate her more deeply into my family. I rave about her in person as well, what a fun activity that not only heals but sparks amazing conversation amongst loved ones. Kindly, Jared
Jared Yutronich Avatar
Jared Yutronich
I had struggled with self- esteem, confidence, and negative self talk for a long time. What Rochelle does brilliantly is open the mind to growth and healing behavior.
Evan C Avatar
Evan C
Rochelle a Joymkind C0-Founder is something else. What an amazing woman and therapist. I went into this adventure with complete unknowing and jumped jumped in blindfolded. The truest words she told me prior to starting was that one session with her is about a dozen with other types of therapies. Those words never rang truer. I advanced leaps and bounds in such a miraculously quick time. We only met over the phone - which raised skepticism - be she assured me it was potent and effective. Again, she was correct. Kindly, Jared
Jared Yutronich Avatar
Jared Yutronich
Rochelle is truly a blessing! I can’t even begin to explain how she helped me through several aspects of my life, but I can tell you that the strong, independent and confident person I am today would not be here without her assistance. Don’t wait to reach out for help, it will be the best thing you have done for yourself.
amy wys Avatar
amy wys
Rochelle is a pleasure to work with! I reached out to Rochelle when I noticed I was getting uncomfortable in situations where I was typically confident. I was aware that I needed to work on myself but didn't know where to start. I appreciate that Rochelle has a solutions orientated approach customized to the goals I wanted to achieve. She is teaching me lifestyle changes that are helping me regain my confidence and prioritize myself. I definitely recommend her.
Jai Khanna Avatar
Jai Khanna
Rochelle is truly a next level therapist - She takes an elevated approach to helping you find peace during tough times. She is the real deal.
Kenn Yun Avatar
Kenn Yun
I was a little skeptical since I was unsure about Hypnotherapy. It took one session and one week to start noticing small changes to my thoughts, but that's how it starts. After my third session, people and my ex, can now see a big change and I'm happier with myself and will continue to work on myself and with Rochelle to fully heal. Ive had 5 sessions with her to seek help for my unhealthy behaviors and I'm finally feeling much better mentally and emotionally. Rochelle a Joymind Co-Founder is amazing and the best therapist i've had!
Jaclyn Lopez Avatar
Jaclyn Lopez
I love Joymind. I've been experiencing intense anxiety and from the moment I had my first session with Kristen I was more able to focus on positive thoughts, not to mention the anxiety went down a few notches. Can't wait to continue working with her!
Jessica Crum Avatar
Jessica Crum
Dr. Michael Glock a Joymind Co-Founder is amazing! I worked with him on accessing the realm of Deep Psyche through the practice of Dream Tending, of which Michael is an expert. He guided me in meeting Dream's symbols and images, in bringing them alive and in relating to them in the immediacy of the experience. A whole world came alive for me, and surprised me with insights that allowed for great transformation and an even deeper connection with and expansion of the dimension of Deep Imagination -- this precious, essential, and too often overlooked asset of our being human. His knowledge, expertise, and profound empathy made all this possible.
eliana crestani Avatar
eliana crestani
Speaking with Rochelle Cook has made me feel like I am finally doing something positive for myself. Her approach has helped me understand that self care is first and foremost to achieving happiness. I finish every hypnotherapy session clear minded, purposeful and optimistic about my future. I’m thankful for having crossed paths with you Rochelle. Thank you!
Rudy Avatar
I was a skeptic when I heard about Hypnosis. After hearing from my friend show it helped them with their habits / issues I decided to give it a shot. Rochelle was amazing to work. I HIGHLY RECOMEND that you try it!
Brian Anav Avatar
Brian Anav
Rochelle Cook is an excellent counselor and hypnotherapist! She helped me recover parts of myself that had been crushed by the wounds of past trauma. The process of working with her helped me access deeper levels of creativity and self-confidence as a screenwriter. I highly recommend Rochelle to anyone who wants to heal from past trauma, find strength of heart to face current personal issues, and live a more fulfilled and joyous life. Rochelle is intuitive, smart, practical, and has a ton of experience. Give yourself this gift!
Elana Golden Avatar
Elana Golden
Amazing and gifted professional with so much wisdom and experience. I have expanded on multiple levels. I’m learning to heal in a different way that has a long term impact.
Tricia Lugo Avatar
Tricia Lugo
Esta experiencia con el terapeuta Christian Piker ha sido increíble y la forma en que me ha guiado, he disfrutado mucho conocer la forma en como funciona y se desarrolla mi subconsciente el grado que después de mi primer cesión pude sentir los cambios en mi, incluso mi pareja pudo ver el cambio. He podido ser capaz de entender mi ansiedad y como manejarla, he dado pasos que no creía posible anteriormente. This experience with the therapist Christian Piker has been incredible and the way he has guided me, I have really enjoyed knowing how my subconscious works and develops, the degree to which after my first experience I could feel the changes in me, even my partner, could see the difference. I now understand my anxiety and how to manage it!
Karim Dardon Avatar
Karim Dardon
It's been an amazing experience working with, Rochelle a Joymind Co-Founder. I've tried years of traditional therapy and this is the first time I've felt significant concrete changes in the moment. After each hypnosis session, I feel lighter and a shift. And if you stick to your tailored plan and exercises, you'll also see a change. Rochelle is genuine, caring, and easy to talk to. And more so, just tells it like it is.
Sam Silberberg Avatar
Sam Silberberg
Working with Rochelle was the best thing for me. Her understanding and kindness lifted me up when I needed it most. Her judgement free zone allowed me to speak my truths which allowed her to help me with her wonderful skills. She taught me how to apply some everyday tools to help me live my best life. I highly recommend reaching out to her, she'll be the best thing that ever happened to you.
Holly G Avatar
Holly G

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