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Analytical psychology experts endorse Joymind’s foundations:

“Joymind’s therapeutic models, practices and interventions are based on depth psychological principles, a humanistic and empirical science of the psyche as opposed to a purely scientific rational, behavioral health sciences model and practice that relies on diagnosis and prescription drugs – i.e. a medical, drug first interventions.”

Andrew Samuels

British Psychotherapist, Professor, Author, Activist, Political Consultant, Former Chair of the UK Council for Psychotherapy.
“Improvement in the quality of life of the patient in the Depth Psychological, and Analytical Psychological perspective is facilitated by a certain “being with” of the Joymind Hypnotherapist. Current Anthropology sees “participation”/ “being with” in terms of “embodiment” in which Depth Psychology and Analytical Psychology concurs. The perspective of rational science therapeutics focuses on cognition and their therapists focus on the patient gaining insight.”

Barbara Helen Miller

Netherlands Analytical Psychologist, Member IAAP, AGAP and NAAPPhD Anthropology Leiden University

“As the creator of Gifts Compass a…. I deeply understand the therapeutic models of and Depth Psychologies approach JOYMIND’s therapeutic models, practices and interventions are based entirely these depth psychological principles. Meaning the fundamental approach is a humanistic and empirical science of the mind, as opposed to the purely scientific/medical behavioral health sciences models and practices that rely on diagnosis and prescription drugs – i.e. a diagnostic, licensed, medical, and symptom removal with a drug-first approach. Joymind’s general public clients would be well aware of the fact that the services offered by JOYMIND are not medicine, and are not behavioral health services.”

James Graham Johnson

Canadian Entrepreneur Creator of the Gifts Compass Inventory (GCI) and Author

“Rochelle Cook a founder of Joymind is a natural born healer. Everyone struggles to become an authentic human being. Obstacles lead to many challenging situations, Joymind identifies those lessons and allows you to grow tremendously from them. So often we feel “stuck” and “powerless” with the world that has been created around us. It’s time we stand up and say that we CAN and WILL move forward because we DO have the power to make those changes. This energy is harnessed within us. We may need some guidance along this journey, but our ability to make those changes is something that can be realized, albeit with a little guidance from Joymind.”

Dr. Deborah Fein

American Psychiatrist, Assistant Clinical Professor UCLA. Member APA

“The endorsement of Joymind finds its foundation in the principles of depth psychology, psychoanalysis, Analytical Psychology, and other analytic therapies, which all recognize the significant role of the subconscious and unconscious in shaping our self-perception, our understanding of the world, and our interactions within it. These therapeutic approaches aim to delve into and understand the unconscious motivations behind our behaviors through various channels such as dreams, fantasies, and somatic reactions, acknowledging that our psychological defenses may obscure these unconscious influences.

In validating Joymind, this perspective underscores the importance of addressing the root unconscious influences behind mental health challenges, rather than merely managing symptoms. Joymind’s methodology aligns with this deeper, more introspective approach to mental wellness, emphasizing the necessity of understanding the underlying unconscious processes to achieve lasting change and healing.”

Mark D Winborn

American Jungian Psychoanalyst, Clinical Psychologist, Faculty C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich, Switzerland

“Joymind's approach to mental wellness gains strong support from the work of Robin McCoy Brooks. Her research emphasizes personalized, evidence-based care, mirroring Joymind's principles. Brooks advocates for holistic and patient-centered mental health strategies, aligning with Joymind's focus on individualized wellness plans. Furthermore, her support for utilizing innovative technologies in mental health care resonates with Joymind's commitment to leveraging new solutions. Essentially, Brooks's work validates Joymind's methodology, showcasing its potential to transform mental wellness through personalized and innovative care.”

Robin McCoy Brooks

M.A., T.E.P., L.M.H.C. American Certified Jungian Analyst IAJS Co-Editor-in-Chief, New School for Analytical Psychology

Research studies

Health & WellnessIBSAnxiety & StressSexual & Intimacy IssuesImpotencePain ManagementSmoking & VapingBad HabitsWeight LossChronic PainInsomniaTest AnxietySleep IssuesMinor Related IssuesPerformance AnxietyStress & Anxiety

Randomised clinical trial: the efficacy of gut-directed hypnotherapy is similar to that of the low FODMAP diet for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

S L Peters, C K Yao, H Philpott, G W Yelland, J G Muir, P R Gibson

The study concluded that gut-directed hypnotherapy (GDH) is as effective as the low FODMAP diet in alleviating gastrointestinal symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Both treatments resulted in significant symptom improvement over six weeks, with benefits persisting for six months. GDH showed superior improvement in psychological indices, such as anxiety and depression, compared to the diet. No additional benefits were observed when combining both treatments.

Health & Wellness IBS

Hypnosis in the treatment of anxiety - and stress-related disorders

D Corydon Hammond

Hypnotherapy is a rapid, cost-effective, nonaddictive, and safe alternative to medication for anxiety-related conditions. This review analyzes experimental literature on self-hypnosis for treating anxiety and stress-related disorders, including conditions related to cancer, surgery, burns, medical/dental procedures, tension headaches, migraines, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The research strongly supports hypnosis as an effective treatment for state anxiety (e.g., before tests, surgery, medical procedures) and anxiety-related disorders such as headaches and IBS.

Anxiety & Stress IBS

Hypnotherapy in Male Impotence

K. Fuchs, I. Zaidise, B. A. Peretz & E. Paldi

Impotence, or the inability to achieve an erection sufficient for intercourse, often stems from psychological issues such as unresolved childhood conflicts, past sexual disappointments, anxiety, and relationship problems. Traditional treatments, including psychoanalysis, behavior modification, and hypnosis, can be time-consuming and sometimes require a partner's involvement.

Hypnotherapy has gained popularity due to its shorter duration and ability to be conducted without a partner. Combining relaxation with positive suggestions, hypnotherapy effectively treated nine men aged 25-58 with secondary impotence in 1-3 sessions. All patients regained potency, with only one requiring an additional session. Hypnotherapy is seen as an effective method for quickly addressing impotence and preventing relationship issues.

Sexual & Intimacy Issues Impotence

We’ve Helped Thousands of People Like You to Thrive **

Throughout history, guidance and support have been crucial in overcoming life’s challenges. Today, Joymind leads the way, offering powerful solutions across diverse issues. Our clients’ incredible stories highlight the impact, speaking volumes about their transformative journeys.

A. O.
A. O.
"I had been looking for a therapist who was trained in hypnotherapy for months because I had read that traditional behavioral therapy combined with hypnotherapy was infinitely more effective in a shorter time frame. Sign me up right!? Rochelle (a JoyMind founder) is a true healer and has a gift for helping heal past trauma in a completely non-judgmental, non-biased way & she will tell you amazing medicine stories of her own while she does it."
Greg L.
Greg L.
"I suffer from anxiety among other issues, and Rochelle (a JoyMind founder) was able to help me identify my triggers and learn new ways to think about them and to cope. She is an amazing listener, has a wealth of experience from various fields of mental and spiritual health, and has challenged me since day 1 to approach my life differently."
Anxiety & stress​
Sophia H.
Sophia H.
“Through my sessions, I gained so much understanding into connecting with my inner self. I connected with the concept of "self love", something I struggled with my whole life. I'm so grateful for the experience and I received such an incredible amount of emotional support through a very difficult period of time in my life.."
Personal development​
Lorena S.
Lorena S.
Rochelle (a JoyMind founder) is amazing! When I was going through a very tough time in my life she was the light. I was going through a bad break up and she helped me so much not only through hypnosis but by just speaking with her she gave me so much hope. The hypnosis is great I truly feel like it helped me feel more secure with myself and my relationship and we are now back together and very very happy!
Relationships issues​

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