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Grawben C. Joymind Clinical Hypnotherapist & Coach

Grawben C.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Joymind Coach

About Me
& my skills:

Grawben believes that the gift of imagination and envisioning is a wonderful gift to have. This has truly kept her grounded and helped her in her search for continued growth and knowledge.

As a graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the first nationally accredited College of Hypnotherapy; Grawben excelled in her studies, receiving various certifications, as well as Graduating with Honors and having received the prestigious Director’s Award.

Special Interests:
English and Spanish Hypnotherapy


For over the last ten years, she has worked closely in the field of Behavior Therapy (ABA); working one on one with ASD children and adults, their families, and treatment teams in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. Her expertise in understanding human behavior has helped her in working with many of her clients in hypnosis. She has always celebrated small victories and witnessed what a patient and loving heart can do.

As a therapist, she prides herself with working with each person as a whole, including their fears, emotions, spirituality, and dreams. She truly makes you believe the worrier hidden inside you can be awakened. She brings desire, love, and compassion to each session. Grawben offers hope, health, excitement and freedom.

My Favorite Quote:
“Every challenge is a disguised opportunity for salvation.”
~ Eckhart Tolle

With a background in behavior therapy and over 10 years working in the special needs community, Grawben Corona is very adept at helping children, adolescents, and adults using guided hypnotic journeys, and other therapeutic modalities to transform phobias, habits, fears, traumas or any other behavioral change that is desired. She is skilled in teaching strategies for overcoming limiting beliefs and teaching new ways of thinking to help the client develop new patterns for lasting change.


Anxiety & stress , Bad habits , Fears & phobies , Health & wellness , Minor related issues , Other addictions , Personal development , Relationships issues , Smoking & vaping , Trauma , Weight loss


  • Anxiety, stress & panic attacks
  • Body image & self-image
  • Break-ups, divorce, & separation
  • Death & Loss
  • Eating, sugar dependencies, binging & purging, sugar
  • Fear of flying, driving, claustrophobia, heights, insects
  • Fearfullness (life & work related)
  • Grief and Loss, guilt & shame, anger
  • Health anxiety
  • Social & relationship anxiety incl., GAD
  • Test & performance anxiety
  • Trust issues & fear (including commitment and neediness issues)
  • Motivation, procrastination, stop bad habits, communication
  • Public speaking, confidence, self-esteem,
  • Self-sabotage, co-dependency, abandonment, stalking social med

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