C. G. Jung Institute I Think Therefore I am Conference June 2023
A Frontline Report: Unleashing Transformation and Joy through Imagination and Emotions
Dr. Michael Glock Joymind Founder presents at:

“I Feel…Therefore, I am”

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Emotions and their Impact

International Conference, C. G. Jung Institute Zürich, Küsnacht
June 30 – July 2, 2023

Imagine a New World

Imagine a world where trauma, phobias, anxiety, and fears no longer hold power over our lives. Imagine a new modality that harnesses the transformative potential of imagination and emotions to bring about profound healing and lasting joy. At the 75th Anniversary of the C. G. Jung Institute in Küsnacht, Switzerland, Dr. Michael Glock,a Joymind founder presented a groundbreaking paper titled “A Frontline Report: A Transformational Praxis using Imagination and Emotions.” This paper explored the 3-Step Breakthrough Method and the pioneering blend of transdisciplinary modalities grounded on Clinical Hypnotherapy and the latest neuroscience advances, curreently being offered by Joymind. The approach offers fast results through virtual, immersive sessions, that assist clients in reframing issues and finding meaning. Today, we delve into the profound insights and revolutionary approach that is reshaping the way we approach mental health and personal growth.

The Power of Therapeutic Emotional Imagination:

In our quest for healing and personal development, we often overlook the untapped potential of our own minds. Dr. Michael Glock’s paper reveals the secret key: therapeutical emotional imagination. By engaging in repetitive exposure to imagined scenarios in a safe environment, our brains and bodies respond as if the experiences were real. Drawing from the principles of Hypnotherapy, Depth Psychology, Positive Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Dream Tending, and the Wisdom Traditions, the three-step model ignites a transformative journey towards a life filled with continuous joy.

Unveiling the Neuroscience of Imagination and Emotions:

For decades, clinicians have used exposure therapy to confront fears and anxieties. However, the impact on the brain and the comparison between imagination and real-life exposure remained largely unknown—until now. Dr. Glock’s research reveals that imagination not only enriches our understanding and meaning of experiences but also allows us to simulate actions and anticipate outcomes without physically performing them. Imagination becomes the underlying visionary and creative faculty that propels us towards personal transformation and a future self.

The Evolution of Depth Psychology:

Building upon the groundwork laid by Sigmund Freud’s “Metapsychology” and the social edges of depth psychology as proposed by C. G. Jung, Dr. Glock’s work takes psychoanalysis beyond the consulting room and applies it to culture and its corresponding social edges. By delving into the mysteries of human existence, exploring the power of ancient spaces like the Festsaal room overlooking Lake Zurich, and experiencing unexplainable psychological phenomena, Dr. Glock emphasizes the ongoing unraveling of the human magic that lies within us.

The Joymind Approach: Meaning, Creativity, & Imagination:

Joymind, co-founded by Dr. Michael Glock, is at the forefront of anxiety, fear, and stress relief, helping more than 100 million people in America find profound meaning and issue resolution. The healing methods combines the latest scientific understanding of the brain with the transformative power of imagination and emotions. Clients report experiencing increased energy, enhanced creativity, deeper and more loving relationships, improved clarity and focus, and a renewed drive towards future goals.

Dr. Michael Glock’s presentation at the 75th Anniversary of the C. G. Jung Institute showcased a revolutionary approach to mental health and personal growth. As the mysteries of our own human potential continue to unfold, Joymind’s pioneering methods pave the way for a future filled with meaning, creativity, peace, and joy. The presentation was written and produced by Dr. Michael Glock watch it below, discover the secrets to why the Joymind method works.

Watch Dr. Michael Glock’s 20-minute presentation

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