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With Joymind you receive complimentary unlimited access to our Concierge’s—a team of of experts in mental wellness. They are here for you every step of the way during your healing journey. Whether you have general questions about Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching, scheduling sessions or getting matched to the right specialist for your exact needs—your Concierge is here for you.

The Joymind Concierge Team

Amy a Joymind Concierge


I was born in a fire station and started working as a 9-1-1 dispatcher. After a decade as a EMT/Medic I ended up with CPTSD, Anxiety, and depression. Nothing fixed me, except hypnotherapy with Rochelle L. Cook (Co-founder of Joymind). I’m honored to have life come full circle! Because I experienced deep trauma you can talk to me about anything and get started on your own healing journey.

Or call me now (213) 325-5684 English/Spanish
Veronica a Joymind Concierge


Hello, my name is Veronica. My passion, educational, and employment experience in the mental health field has led me to my role at joymind. As your personal concierge I will listen, assist and direct you to the best hypnotherapist that fits your personal needs and goals. Please reach out so I can answer any question you may have about Hypnotherapy and/or coaching.

Or call me now (888) 232-9127 English/Spanish
Hilay Joymind Concierge Coach


Hello, Joymind’s mission to surpass everything known about Hypnotherapy and Coaching as a blended force is exactly what I wan to help foster. I believe in transformational mission. I am here to help answer any question and match you with the right coach. Give me a call on my dedicated number (786) 753-7164 or book a video call with me.

Or call me now (786) 753-7164


Hello! I am here to ensure you have the support with each stage in your healing journey here at Joymind. I understand taking that first step can be hard, and I’m here to help along the way. Book a consultation with me and we can discuss how hypnotherapy can transform your life.
Or call me now (888) 232-9127


Hello! I am here to help answer any question you may have about Hypnotherapy and/or coaching, match you with the right specialist and help you schedule your sessions. Don’t hesitate to contact me as I am here to guide you through this healing journey and assure you become the BEST version of yourself!

Or call me now (888) 232-9127 English/Spanish
Dustin a Joymind Concierge


Hello, Rochelle a Joymind Co-Founder is truly amazing and one-of-a-kind. I’m privileged to know her! I am here to help answer any question you may have about Hypnotherapy and/or coaching and match you with the right specialist.

Or call me now (737) 400-0376
Jasmine a Joymind Concierge

Jasmine — Customer Service

Hello. I am proud of the transformational healing and coaching we deliver nationwide. Happy to help answer any equation about Hypnotherapy, Coaching, or its effectiveness. I am also here to help troubleshoot any scheduling, booking, or billing questions and help you get matched with the right program, package, or specialist.

Or call me now +1 (888) 233-5650

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I highly recommend choosing Joymind for your therapy. Amy Farrow is the first person I spoke with when I called. She was so easy to talk to and understanding and had so much knowledge that I thought and hoped she was one of the therapists. She wasn’t, but she hooked me up with another awesome lady, Lenora Curtis, who is a therapist. She chose her based on my issues I talked with her about. She couldn’t have done a better job. Lenora exceeds anything I expected and goes above and beyond. She is also very easy to talk to and has made me comfortable from the very beginning even with my anxieties and skepticism and that is huge! This is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I am so thankful for Joymind, Kim, and Lenora. I completely look forward to each session.
Julie Welch Avatar
Julie Welch
Lenora a Joymind Clinical Hypnotherapist and the Concierge team are literally the best. They are very friendly and quick to respond to appointments and emails. I have gotten results from my therapy as soon as the first session and even more after the second. I'm on my third session so far and look forward to my continued path of self growth. This stuff works if you want to make positive changes in your life. I am truly grateful to have found them. Thank you 😊 so much for your dedicated service. Mireya B.
Mireya Bojorquez Avatar
Mireya Bojorquez