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Sean G.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Joymind Coach

About Me
& my skills:

My first priority is helping the client to realize they have inside them everything they need to live their best life. With my expertise and knowledge, nothing is out of reach for the client. I strive to provide services with compassion and provide the tools the client needs to succeed at making the positive changes desired. I believe everyone deserves the best therapy possible and I deliver exceptional results. If it is a limiting belief that is holding someone back from becoming their authentic and “true self” you’ve always wanted to be, I can help! I’m an expert at changing the negative programming in the subconscious mind to help someone achieve their goals and dreams, by using the right techniques for each individual person.

Special Interests:
Sean’s passion for helping people for over 20 years has lead him to be very successful as a Hypnotherapist. He has helped clients in all areas of their lives including stress management, weight loss, stop smoking, sports performance, relationship strategies, studying and test taking, confidence, anxiety, forgiveness, grief, pain management, motivation and many many more.

If it is a limiting belief that is holding you back from becoming the authentic and “true self” you’ve always wanted to be, Sean can help! He is an expert at changing the negative programming in your subconscious mind to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

My expertise is helping people live their best life by releasing limiting beliefs, bad habits and old mindsets that no longer serve my clients. I help people to live their authentic, true self.
I originally graduated form HMI in the mid 90’s and was directly taught by Dr. John Kappas himself. I didn’t practice very much throughout the years until 2015 when I realized Hypnotherapy was my passion and life’s purpose. I retook the entire course and graduated top of my class.

Sean originally became interested in hypnosis when he had night terrors as a teenager and sought out a hypnotherapist for help. After just a couple sessions the night terrors were gone! It was at that time Sean knew his calling was to help others with this amazing therapy. Because I have used the exact same techniques on myself I know how well they can work. They have helped me to enjoy my own best life and do things I love like hiking, running, traveling, trying new and exotic restaurants and continuing to learn about the mind and our universe through subjects like quantum physics.

My Favorite Quote:
“Half of getting what you want, is knowing what you must sacrifice, to get it.”
~ Sean Green


Anxiety & stress , Bad habits , Fears & phobies , Health & wellness , Minor related issues , Other addictions , Personal development , Relationships issues , Sexual & intimacy issues , Smoking & vaping , Trauma , Weight loss


  • Аddiсtiоns
  • Anxiety
  • Career Success
  • Change Habits
  • Concentration
  • Death or Loss
  • Fears
  • Motivation
  • Pain Management
  • Procrastination
  • Reach Goals
  • Sadness
  • Self Confidence
  • Sports Confidence
  • Stop Smoking
  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Weight Loss
  • Worry

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ana aragon
Personal development
Sean Green
Cannot say enough abut Mr. Sean Green, from being a professional and how he cares for you. Always making sure that you are fine and that he can answer any

ana aragon
Personal development
Sean Green

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