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Dustin F.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Joymind Coach

About Me
& my skills:

My name is Dustin and I have been a hypnosis practitioner since 2014 when I began using hypnotherapy to help people overcome fears, phobias, and anxieties. Since graduating from HMI as a Clinical Hypnotherapist I have continued to study different disciplines such as NLP and Life Coaching.

Each person is unique, and I tailor my sessions to meet the specific needs and goals of my clients. By taking the time to truly understand their individual circumstances I can provide a compassionate and supportive environment for exploration and growth. I aim to empower my clients to overcome challenges, break unhealthy habits, and enhance their self-confidence.

Special Interests:
Most of my time is taken up by working with clients, studying new modalities, and sharpening my therapeutic skills and knowledge of how the mind works, I have a lot of passion for what I do and am always on the lookout for new tools and ways of doing things to help my clients. when I am not studying or working with clients I am probably working out, watching movies, or spending time with friends and family.

My approach is now multifaceted, weaving together various psychological and coaching principles to offer a comprehensive and holistic therapeutic experience. Hypnosis is an extraordinary tool that is rooted in the workings of the human mind and possesses the capacity to bring about profound changes in an individual’s life when utilized skillfully.

As human beings, our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions intricately shape our identities, molding the lens through which we perceive the world – our personal realities. While an objective reality exists, our subconscious emotions, deeply ingrained and often hidden from conscious awareness, hold immense sway over how we interpret and respond to that reality.

Hypnotherapy – serves as a tool for overcoming internal conflicts, fostering inner peace, and encouraging self-reflection. It’s a process that aligns with Socrates’ timeless wisdom – “know thyself.” By calming the storms within, clients gain clarity and make informed decisions, navigating life’s challenges with resilience.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – enters the equation, delving into the language of the mind. This modality unveils subconscious habits, thoughts, and mental processes, helping clients understand and reshape unwanted thoughts, states, and emotions. The synergy of NLP and Hypnotherapy creates a powerful combination, amplifying the effectiveness of the therapeutic journey to calm those inner conflicts.

Life Coaching – steps in as the catalyst for personal responsibility and accountability. Once inner storms subside, clients connect with their authentic selves and experience a sense of true inner peace and a clear understanding of past hindrances. Empowered with this self-awareness, clients can take control of their lives, shifting focus from what they don’t want to a vision of the future they desire. Life, as I see it, is like a video game where growth, experience, and skill acquisition pave the way for the exploration of uncharted territories.

In essence, my approach seamlessly integrates these three main disciplines – Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Life Coaching – weaving the principles into a conversational style.

This holistic methodology aims to dissolve hurdles and blocks that have held individuals back, instilling hope, and then providing practical strategies for achieving desired outcomes sooner rather than later. It’s a collaborative journey toward a life lived authentically and without regret.

My Favorite Quote:
“Your Life Is What Your Thoughts Make It”
~ Confucius


Anxiety & stress , Fears & phobies , Personal development , Trauma


  • Anxiety, stress & panic attacks
  • Social & Relationship Anxiety Inc. GAD
  • Fearfullness (Life & Work Related)
  • Fear of flying, driving, claustrophobia, heights and insects
  • Insomnia & sleep disorders
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Motivation
  • Self confidence
  • Self esteem
  • Trauma Reversal
  • Grief & Loss PTSD
  • Childhood Trauma, Life Trauma
  • Guilt & Shame
  • Anger (Including anger management)
  • Fears of flying, driving
  • Blood, Needles, Getting Sick, Germs
  • Public Speaking
  • Claustrophobia, Heights, Insects
  • Confidence, Self-Esteem, Stop Comparing Yourself
  • Motivation, Procrastination, Stop Bad Habits, Communication
  • Money, Abundance, Self Love, Acceptance

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Eric Tabach
Dustin Fisher
Personal development
Thank you Joymind for being absolutely incredible. It is so difficult to find hypnotherapists online, but Joymind made it seamless. When I called someone immediately picked up and made me

Eric Tabach
Dustin Fisher
Personal development

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