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5 Reasons Why Virtual
Hypnotherapy is Effective

It is very important that you feel comfortable, safe because this helps your hypnotizability. The main point is that you feel “relaxed” and this is usually in your own home. Because you are able to relax more quickly the hypnotherapy session becomes more effective. Hypnotherapy works on the your subconscious mind, the more relaxed you are the easier it is to access your subconscious mind and embed new positive habits.

Driving back and forth to the office, parking, and being on time, takes time and interrupts your ability to relax. A prerequisite to experiencing a deep mindful therapeutic hypnotherapy session. You can’t relax if your driving to and from an appointment. Video conferencing from the comfort of your home extends the relaxation time.

Technology has simplified the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy. Most hypnotherapists now work via video conferencing using telehealth technology. The pandemic accelerated this to happen, it forced us to see how affective the virtual world truly is.

The health industry including doctors were doing it before the pandemic existed as a luxury, now it is a necessity! Technology doesn’t limit us, it enhance Hypnotherapies effectiveness, because you can listen deeply, and stay focused, especially if you are using headphones.

Online Hypnotherapy works better and it’s easy to use from the home or office! At JoyMind we care, our goal is to end suffering for all those in need. Technology is our friend and amplifies the effectiveness of our sessions and easily delivers recordings of the personal 1-on-1 sessions you have.

People talk about energy. Sitting in front of somebody versus looking at them through video conferencing doesn’t make a difference. Energy has no boundaries. Think about it, when our world is experiencing upset of any kind how do you feel? People are definitely affected when difficult events in the world take place. The world including you feels and responds to this. That’s enery.

The Secret is out Hypnotherapy Works!


Below are the most frequently asked questions we put together from speaking to our valued customers. We are here to help!

At this time most insurance plans don’t cover Hypnotherapy or coaching. Your insurance provider may reimburse you for out-of-network medical fees. Joymind hypnotherapy and/or coaching will provide you with a super bill to give your insurance. Some clients receive 40-50% back from their insurance provider. Joymind does however accept HSA (Health Savings Account) and/or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) payments for all of our treatment plans.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is perfect for virtual therapy because Hypnotherapy requires you to close your eyes become calm, and imagine, picture or pretend. All you need is a good phone service, or internet connection. Just make sure that you have a quiet space where you will not be disturbed, and a place you can relax such as a bed, couch, or recliner. We have even had people do sessions remotely, while in their car, or truck (while parked in a safe area) and simply putting headphones on, and listening deeply.

The Mayo clinic says “Hypnosis can help you gain control over behaviors you’d like to change.” The American National Library of Medicine states “Hypnosis could be seen as a meditative state, which one can learn to access consciously and deliberately, for a therapeutic purpose. Suggestions are then given either verbally or using imagery, directed at the desired outcome. This might be to allay anxiety by accessing calmness and relaxation, help manage side effects of medications, or help ease pain or other symptoms.” A 2016 study at Stanford Medicine suggests that “By scanning the brains of subjects while they were hypnotized, researchers at the School of Medicine were able to see the neural changes associated with hypnosis.” Hypnotherapy is a serious science! “It’s a very powerful means of changing the way we use our minds to control perception and our bodies.”

You have heard the phrase “practice makes perfect.”

People learn through repetition. Repetition builds new neural pathways in the brain. If we repeat a new positive story over and over again then we start creating new positive pathways in our brain— and that becomes a new habit. Most of the suffering and issues we all experience is because we have built up bad habits.

Psychologist Deann Ware, Ph.D., explains that when brain cells communicate frequently, the connection between them strengthens and “the messages that travel the same pathway in the brain over and over begin to transmit faster and faster.” With enough repetition, these behaviors become automatic. Reading, driving, and riding a bike are examples of complicated behaviors that we do automatically because neural pathways have formed.

The importance of repetition

In terms of repetition, it is estimated that it takes 10,000 repetitions to master a skill and develop the associated neural pathway.

Read more about Neuroscience Behavior Change here

People talk about energy. Sitting in front of somebody versus looking at them through video conferencing doesn’t make a difference. Energy has no boundaries. Think about it, when our world is experiencing upset of any kind how do you feel? People are definitely affected when difficult events in the world take place. The world including you feels and responds to this. That’s enery.

Hypnotherapy is a heightened state of concentration and focused attention. Guided by a trained, certified hypnotist or hypnotherapist, hypnosis allows you to be more open to suggestions to making healthful changes in your perceptions, sensations, emotions, memories, thoughts or behaviors.

The key point is that Hypnotherapy works best when you have your eyes closed and focus internally on the story and imagery the Hypnotherapist is asking you to picture. If you find it difficult just pretend you are seeing and experiencing the new scenes. This will help you enter into a light trance.

The actual Hypnotherapy session is done with your eyes closed. It is a deep state of focus and relaxation. 

  • Your conscious mind is quieted.
  • You’re able to tap into the part of your brain where your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, sensations, emotions, memory and behaviors originate.
  • In this state, you’re more open to gentle guidance from your hypnotherapist to help you modify or replace the unconscious thoughts that are driving your current behavior.

No! Even when you are in a light trance, you are aware of your surroundings and can respond instantly to any circumstance that requires your attention.

Myth: You lose consciousness or have amnesia when you’re hypnotized.

  • Most people remember everything that happens during hypnosis. You remain aware of who you are, where you are and remember what happened during a hypnosis session.

You will never not be able to come out from a trancelike state, because you are always in control. You will always have complete control. The hypnotherapist only guides and suggests. 

Myth: You’re under the control of your hypnotherapist when you’re hypnotized.

  • Your hypnotist or hypnotherapist guides hypnosis, but hypnosis is something you do for yourself. You can’t be made to do anything against your will. You won’t reveal any information that you wished to remain secret. You don’t lose control over your behavior. Hypnosis makes it easier to experience suggestions but doesn’t force you to have certain experiences.

All you need is to click a link in your email, and you can can also just use the phone and talk to your Hypnotherapist.

Whatever is going on in and around you can be used by the hypnotherapist to help you get into a light trance and experience hypnosis. 

You can help yourself by finding a quiet and calm place away from all noises and disturbances. Some clients go for a drive in the car, park overlooking the lake or seashore and have the session like this.

Advantages of virtual Hypnotherapy are extensive:

  1. You can work through the issues faster since you are more relaxed during the session because you have never left your home or office.
  2. You are not stressed out because you had to face bad traffic and find a parking spot or locate the Hypnotherapists office.
  3. You have to close your eyes to immerse yourself into a light trance.

Yes! We recommend experiencing a Hypnotherapy session in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted and to wear a headset or headphones so that you can fully experience and enjoy a calming, relaxing and mindful session.

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