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We understand that investing in your mental health is a big decision. That’s why we’ve partnered with and to offer split payments, making it easier for you to start your healing journey.

Exclusive Offer for Existing Clients

Make self-improvement a part of your monthly routine with this plan that provides a single session each month. This membership is ideal for those wanting a steady pace of personal development while navigating through the busyness of life. Every session will allow you to introspect, discover, and grow in a way that is manageable and efficient, providing a steady rhythm to your self-improvement journey.

The Single Session Membership offers you the chance to focus on targeted growth, while leaving plenty of time for reflection and implementation of insights gained during each session.

Dedicated Concierge

Personalized recordings

We are confident that you will greatly enjoy Joymind and experience the transformative benefits that thousands of our clients have already experienced. However, in the rare event that you are not fully satisfied, we offer a money-back guarantee. Simply contact us within 7 days of your session, and we will provide you with a full refund. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Money back guaranteed

1 Session/month
with Founders

Single Session Membership

Briefer route to self-discovery and transformative growth.

$299 per session 
1 session of 50 minutes
Dedicated Concierge
Personalized recordings



Hypnotherapy is more effective

than traditional therapeutic modalities. When combined with deep knowledge & life experience, Hypnotherapy becomes a guiding force**. Hypnotherapy is absolutely safe, you experience it everyday. You zone out listening to your favorite music while driving and miss your exit. You’re working on something and time just flies. In a Joymind session you enter a healing zone and accomplish new goals.

100 years

of research

Rapid results

compared to traditional therapy


and effective

We’ve Helped Thousands of People Like You to Thrive

A. O.
A. O.
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“I had been looking for a therapist who was trained in hypnotherapy for months because I had read that traditional behavioral therapy combined with hypnotherapy was infinitely more effective in a shorter time frame. Sign me up right!? Rochelle (a JoyMind founder) is a true healer and has a gift for helping heal past trauma in a completely non-judgmental, non-biased way & she will tell you amazing medicine stories of her own while she does it.”


Greg L.
Greg L.
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“I suffer from anxiety among other issues, and Rochelle (a JoyMind founder) was able to help me identify my triggers and learn new ways to think about them and to cope. She is an amazing listener, has a wealth of experience from various fields of mental and spiritual health, and has challenged me since day 1 to approach my life differently.”

Anxiety & stress

Sophia H.
Sophia H.
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“Through my sessions, I gained so much understanding into connecting with my inner self. I connected with the concept of “self love”, something I struggled with my whole life. I’m so grateful for the experience and I received such an incredible amount of emotional support through a very difficult period of time in my life..”

Personal development

Lorena S.
Lorena S.
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Rochelle (a JoyMind founder) is amazing! When I was going through a very tough time in my life she was the light. I was going through a bad break up and she helped me so much not only through hypnosis but by just speaking with her she gave me so much hope. The hypnosis is great I truly feel like it helped me feel more secure with myself and my relationship and we are now back together and very very happy!

Relationships issues

Created by
Two Pioneers

Hello, this is Rochelle and Michael. We are excited for you to dive into hypnotherapy to overcome lifetime barriers and achieve real breakthroughs. Thank you for trusting Joymind.

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