Iris Sutalo
Certified Hypnotherapist
Expertise: Social Anxiety, Relationships, Hopelessness,
Experience: Since 2017
Language: English
Location: Hollywood, California


When I work with my clients, I like for us to get curious about who you are, together, using your own unique needs as a guide to treatment. I have an eclectic and conversational approach, utilizing Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, meditation, breathing techniques, visualizations, and anything else necessary for an experience that is created just for you and where you are today. I will sometimes create a recording to listen to between sessions though I’ve found they’re not always necessary to create deep, lasting, and permanent change. I specialize in trauma, anxiety, PTSD, and creating healthy boundaries. As someone who’s had to do a lot of healing, myself, I’m here to walk with you as you navigate your way to wholeness, self acceptance, and knowing your worthiness. 


Navigating Life Transitions
Overcoming Hopelessness
Overcoming Sexual Trauma
Overcoming Shame
Social Anxiety

Special Interests

Since graduating from HMI in 2017 and getting certified by Brian L Weiss in 2018, I’ve worked in corporate settings and one on one with clients, helping to educate and empower people to make the change they’re needing or wanting in their lives, both personally and professionally.



My Favorite Quote: