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Joymind Life Coaching Helps in
All these 5 Areas

Heal what needs to be healed & get into the best possible mental state to reach your goals.

Our approach emphasizes the importance of  understanding the structure of and pathways into the best and most adaptive aspects of human experience. Joymind life Coaching is designed to help ambitious people reevaluate current situations and explore new directions.

The resulting new directions and outcomes proactively amplify performance on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels. By addressing personal, family and professional issues, Joymind life coaches are able to clarify goals, rewrite missions, change visions and futures, and break for good old negative habits that cause getting stuck on the path to rich accomplishment.

  • Overcome the feelings of being an imposter
  • Learn & understand the 5 influencing styles
  • Social & relationship influence
  • Life & work related influence—getting support & buy -in
  • Be curious about others’ points of view without judging what they are saying
  • Listen for understanding
  • Engage empathically so that the other person knows that you understand them and their life
  • Be vulnerable in your expression of appreciation and gratitude for what others contribute and offer
  • From your understanding, provide solutions that are of benefit to you and others

THE SCIENCE: Here’s Proof Hypnotherapy & Coaching Works!

Receive the visibility you deserve and release your authentic voice. Become self-expressed! But, what gets in the way is feeling like an imposter and overwhelming stress & anxiety. 

The relationship between stress, illness and low performance is complex. The susceptibility to stress varies from person to person. Hypnotherapy has proven to be a “highly effective” intervention for reducing anxiety. Researchers at the University of Hartford in Connecticut analyzed 15 studies (incorporating 17 trials) where hypnosis was used for anxiety reduction. The findings showed a 79% reduction in symptoms. The study also showed an 84% reduction in anxiety symptoms in 7 of the trials. This analysis suggests that hypnosis may be more effective than standard interventions for anxiety. Over time stress and anxiety can cause health issues. Hypnotherapy can help you to prevent this.

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  • Develop a serving mindset: Serves others before themselves
  • Define vision and mission clearly
  • Work consistently  toward fulfilling their life purpose
  • Inspires and motivates those around you
  • Has a high level of emotional intelligence
  • Is a strategic, innovative thinker
  • Stays positive and humble
  • Builds a sense of community
  • Remains a life-long learner

THE SCIENCE: Here’s Proof Hypnotherapy & Coaching Works!

Develop leadership qualities that advance life, goals by mobilizing strengths and facilitating well-being. Learn how to generate internal flow states and trigger them on-demand. The focus here is on developing a deep relationship with yourself and others. 

Relationship hypnotherapy & coaching can help you to break through the cycle of unhealthy patterns that hinder the positive relationship development relationship. You learn to reframe negative thoughts and behavior at the subconscious level so that you can, heal, attract, and perform optimally.

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  • Leadership: Emotional intelligence allows you to be a more effective leader

  • Communication: Understanding how others are feeling allows you to communicate with them better.

  • Self-knowledge: Being more aware of what you are feeling allows you to understand yourself more deeply.

  • Self-control: Being aware of your emotions also allows you to develop your self-control abilities.

  • Stress management: Managing your emotions effectively allows you to exert greater control in situations marked by stress or conflict.

THE SCIENCE: Here’s Proof Hypnotherapy & Coaching Works!

The use of hypnotherapy for

Emotional intelligence (EI), also known as emotional quotient (EQ), refers to one’s ability to understand, relate to, and manage emotions. Higher levels of emotional intelligence enable a person to communicate more effectively, empathize, and overcome adversity better than someone who lacks emotional intelligence. As a result, emotional intelligence allows you to make better decisions, have greater people skills, and create stronger bonds with others. In 1990, social psychologists John D. Mayer and Peter Salovey sought to identify a way of measuring one’s abilities based on emotional capacity. Mayer and Salovey define emotional intelligence as “a set of skills hypothesized to contribute to the accurate appraisal and expression of emotion in oneself and in others, the effective regulation of emotion in self and others, and the use of feelings to motivate, plan, and achieve in one’s life.”

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  • Review and terminate all limiting beliefs
  • Overcome Binging & purging behaviors
  • Body image & self-image
  • Focused self-care 7 self-worth

THE SCIENCE: Here’s Proof Hypnotherapy & Coaching Works!

The use of hypnotherapy for weight loss is that it’s a short, pleasant, and rapid process, with long-lasting results. Hypnotherapy teaches the subconscious to be confident, motivated and committed. Studies have shown that combining hypnosis and a healthy lifestyle program can instill a new way of thinking, and end yo-yo dieting. 

In a 2020 study, researchers monitored the effects of hypnotherapy in a clinically-supervised weight loss program. After 10 weeks, the results showed that BMI and leptin levels (a hormone associated with obesity) decreased significantly, whereas irisin and adiponectin levels (a hormone your body needs to protect you against obesity and type II diabetes) increased significantly.

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  • Improve confidence and self-esteem, stop comparing yourself
  • Increase motivation, end procrastination, stop bad habits, & communication skills
  • Money, abundance (what do you want?)
  • Self-Love, acceptance
  • Spirituality (what are my lessons and meaning in life?)

THE SCIENCE: Here’s Proof Hypnotherapy & Coaching Works!

If you change the way you think your life will change, you are your thoughts. Your outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality. We adults become what we learned as children. If you change your subconscious beliefs you will obtain your new goals. Scientific evidence proves hypnotherapy works! How is this done? Our Joymind coaches use a combination of Depth Psychology and Hypnotherapy combined with Positive & Spiritual Psychology and the wisdom traditions. 

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The Joymind Difference

Joymind Hypnotherapy & nCoaching Program comparison
Joymind life Coaching is designed to help ambitious people navigate critical life transitions and explore new directions.

How Does the Joymind Coaching Program Work?

We Recommend 24 or 48 Weekly Sessions

This builds significant trust between you and the Hypnotherapist and gives you a unique opportunity to finally work through all your limiting beliefs and old trauma. All the coaching programs start with a complimentary strategy-session where we’ll discover your true skills, identify current barriers and set challenging goals. Our specialist will then recommend the right coach for you and your specific goals.

The Coaching Programs are based on Neuroscience and the 3-Step Breakthrough Method Designed by Dr Michael Glock


During the first few sessions you'll discover the unconscious forces that are at the root of your limiting beliefs. This alone will help you unlock an extraordinary life. This step is what makes Joymind's coaching programs unique. Before you can tackle goals in your career, relationship or health, you must first do the important inner work. You'll discover bad habits, and the triggers that trip you up. Importantly you'll have tools to change your behaviors.


Next you'll learn how to release negative patterns by unpacking old stories you've been telling yourself over and over again. Once underlying issues are exposed we work on letting them go by rapidly rewiring the brain’s neural pathways. Our method replaces out-dated belief systems & negative behavior patterns with new positive ones. Next you will role-play achieving breakthroughs.
With coaching and practice these new patterns will become the regular habits that you use for the rest of your life.


The rest of your work with your Joymind coach will focus on activating your goals in the real world and reinforcing the new patterns and behaviors. These will meet and exceed the goals you set in the beginning of your coaching program. The core components of the JoyMind Coaching Program uses techniques of induction, deepening, repetition, modeling & end framing to achieve future goals. Because of the brains neuroplasticity new habits & patterns are cemented into your subconscious using repetition.

Joymind life Coaching is designed to help ambitious people navigate critical life transitions and explore new directions.

When is it right to start a Joymind Coaching Program?

We recommend 24 or 48 sessions weekly Sessions.

 We’ll help give you tools to create structure, identify direction and make space for internal processing time.

  • Relationships, career, health, and purpose can all shift at once and be overwhelming. We transform a “crisis” into a “calling.”
  • You are inspired to create the “Next Chapter” in your life.
  • We’ll help you to reflect on your lifetime of experience to cultivate and harvest the wisdom you can share.

The Breakthrough Method
Designed by Dr. Glock

Loved by Our Members

Don't navigate life’s challenges on your own, your Joymind coach is in your corner.

The Key Benefits of
Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Why do we call our Program "Beyond Coaching"

No one is combining Hypnotherapy and Coaching together. It’s either therapy or coaching. Hypnotherapy and traditional psychological therapy helps clients explore and understand their subconscious and unconscious mind. It aims to reach a deep understanding of behaviors and patterns with a goal of a healthy adjustment to life’s circumstances. This is why Hypnotherapy is helpful for overcoming issues like anxiety, fears, phobias and bad behaviors..

The goal of life coaching is to help you perform at full potential, like sports performance coaching or getting unstuck. Life coaching is about getting into optimal flow and experiencing flow and it is about creating actions and getting results. Coaches measure client’s success with key performance indicators (KPI’s) and specific behavioral outcomes. They’ll help you set future goals, provide regular accountability and celebrate your accomplishments as you implement new positive habits – all on the road to achieving your future.

Joymind’s Beyond Coaching combines these two unique fields together.

Created by Two Pioneers

Rochelle L. Cook MA CHt & Michael Glock Ph.D. Co-Founders of Joymind

Rochelle L. Cook MA CHt, & Michael Glock Ph.D.

Hello this is Rochelle. Michael and I, built a very successful Hypnotherapy practice in Los Angeles. After many national tours, VIP retreats, books, radio, and television shows including, being featured on Super Soul Sunday, Oprah Winfrey (OWN) network, and our long-lived passion, in-office sessions, Covid-19 hit. We pivoted, closed our offices, and built a new virtual company from the ground up because many injured souls needed tending. Everyone deserves to find inner peace and thrive. “Peace is priceless!”

Joymind’s mission is to surpass everything known about Hypnotherapies’ effectiveness as a rapid healing modality and to deliver significant transformation to the largest number of people in human history. 

We invite you to experience the experience. You won’t regret it. 

Rochelle L. Cook MA CHt Media

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An ideal mind-body state seems to be associated with peak performance

Do You Qualify?
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How aligned you are to your goals?

Naturally, the decision to seek out a Joymind life coach vs. a therapist or hypnotherapist is a personal one.

Naturally, the decision to seek out a Joymind life coach vs. a hypnotherapist is a personal one. Imagine you are planning an adventure. You could either hire an expert Joymind coach, think of a Sports coach or a mountaineering sherpa for your expedition or a hypnotherapist.

Which will you choose? Which one will be most helpful for your specific journey?

If you are physically or mentally unwell or would be in danger if you even attempted the adventure, a Joymind coach would not be the right choice. You need to be at a baseline level of mental wellness before you can plan ahead – if you’re not, you might need some sessions of Hypnotherapy before trying something more challenging. However, if you’re well and healthy and need someone to help you with planning, mapping, navigation and strategy, carrying the load of planning supplies and finding the best route, then a Joymind coach and guide is the best approach.

†Individual results will vary

Hypnotists are not licensed physicians nor are they licensed in Psychology, and are unable to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any emotional or mental disorders nor any medical condition. Services provided utilize induction of hypnosis, and methods and principles used to help clients discover their inner creative abilities to develop positive thinking and feelings.  Hypnosis is not a state of sleep but is a natural state of mind that can produce extraordinary levels of relaxation of mind, body, and emotions.

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