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One-on-One Hypnotherapy Consultation & Demonstration

Experience a powerful breakthrough 30 minute hypnotherapy demo session. Pay $25 deposit to reserve your spot. 100% refundable towards your first session.

Life is too short to live in misery!

Heal what needs to be healed so that you can live a healthy, peaceful, and joyous life once and for all! The Joymind method targets the root issue which lives in your subconscious that is running your life.

Hypnotherapy changes your perception at the subconscious level, it creates new neuropathways so that your automatic unhealthy patterns change into new healthy ones. You can now experience the freedom you have searched for and thrive.

The JoyMind 3-Step Breakthrough Method

Do you want to find comfort and heal past issues so that you can thrive in the present?

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Rochelle a Joy-Mind Co-Founder Explains Trauma & Demonstrates Hypnosis

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